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From load flows, short-circuits, insulation, and protection coordination, to harmonics studies and site measurements. We have analyzed and implemented more than 50 substation upgrade projects. It's big-picture thinking. Our clients come to us for global end-to-end systems-integration services tailored specifically to the aluminum industry.


There can be substantial savings and big reductions in the risks associated with integration when a single cohesive team designs, programs, and commissions all aspects of the software systems. Then we up the value again, adding our business functional experts to the mix. After aluminum production, there's still lots to do. We're experienced in brownfield and greenfield developments and optimization: rolling; strip processing; coating and finishing; extrusion; and recycling.

Our services extend to automation systems; rolling mill audits; plant studies; training; process analysis; modeling; and cross-the-board optimization. Toggle navigation. Home Our Expertise Aluminium. Challenges Few materials have the ability to multitask like aluminum. Capabilities Center of Excellence for Aluminum You have access to a group of specialists in aluminium that provide independent and unbiased opinion and reviews. The Center of Excellence includes the following capabilities: Reduction You need a partner who understands your business and how it operates.

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Carbon You benefit from our experience designing and developing all aspects of the carbon plant. Casthouse With extensive process and equipment know-how across all areas of casthouse operations, you'll have a partner with key expertise in furnace optimization; liquid metal handling and treatment; ingot casting; DC casting, including HDC; and ingot processing. Environment The environment is always a key concern four our clients. High-voltage substations With services that span conceptual design, feasibility studies, system expansion, and the implementation of greenfield projects, we cater to your distinct needs.

Systems and process control It's big-picture thinking. Blogs Taking on avalanche control with a blast Steve Hinton. Building this project safely involves taking innovative measures to protect both people and the environment. Al Taweelah Alumina refinery operational readiness. Al Taweelah alumina refinery.

AP60 Smelter. Yarwun Alumina Refinery. Alcoa—Hatch Northeast Alliance. Related services and technologies Mining. Mineral Processing. Structural Assets. Project Management. Project Controls. Operational Performance. Management Consulting. Environmental Services.

Construction Management. Bulk Materials Handling.

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Broek, H. Author s : L. Villeneuve, T. Turcotte, D. Vaillancourt, A. Please specify a volume, issue and page OR a volume and page. No article has been found that matches the search query. There are more than one record in the search results. Please specify issue. Advanced search. Journal issue.

Volume Issue 1 Pages Volume 41 , Issue 4. Showing articles out of 12 articles from the selected issue. Download Meta. Hide all abstracts Show all abstracts. Corrosion behavior and stress corrosion cracking resistance of Al-Li alloys. Show abstract Hide abstract.

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Three type Al-Li alloys , and sheets were aged at K in various temper conditions, and evaluated for corrosion behavior and resistance to stress corrosion cracking SCC initiation in sodium chloride solution. The underaged alloys were susceptible to intersubgranular corrosion, apt to lead localized corrosion pits. The peak-aged alloys suffered from dimple type pitting, on alloy and alloy preferentially along subgrain and grain boundaries, and on alloy within grains also.

Download PDF K. Turning machinability of AZ31 and AZ80 magnesium alloy bars. According to the results, there was no difference in the cutting resistance between the two samples for all cutting conditions.

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  • However, the cutting resistance was dependent on the cutting speed; it increased with the increase of feeding speed. Also, the feed force increased when a side cutting edge angle was applied. In both specimens, the actually machined surface roughness was smaller than the values theoretically calculated. Judging by the chip shape, the ease of processing was either good or acceptable except for the cases in which the feeding speed was small and the cutting speed was high. Influence of precipitate dispersion on the erosion of lightly deformed brazing-sheets.

    The influence of precipitate dispersion in the core alloy on the erosion of brazing-sheets was investigated. The erosion behavior was discussed in terms of the recrystallization of the cores during brazing. The unrecrystallized cores with subgrain structures were found to suffer from the erosion.

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    The number density of fine precipitates with the size up to about 0. Diffusion welding of alumina and Al-Sn alloy. The effect of tin in aluminum on the diffusion weldability of Al 2 O 3 and Al has been investigated. The welding treatment was carried out at K and K for 1. The addition of Sn released thermal stress which was introduced at and near the welding interface during cooling and resulted in the high shear strength of the welded joint. The addition of both tin and magnesium to aluminum showed the same shear strength as that of Al-Mg alloy, which is higher than that obtained by the single addition of tin.

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