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A tasty plate and a great pint is a match made in heaven.

Our chefs find that together they can be even more beguiling than apart. Here are a few of their favorites.

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Anyone passionate enough to homebrew has our respect. Also, in tribute, these handy blueprints of the nuts, bolts, hops, malts and nuances of our favorite brews. The Descendant.

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The Descendant Pairings Putting tasty Deschutes beer together with the right foods can be a match made in heaven. The post by O'Rourke says his paternal great-great-great grandfather owned two women, Rose and Eliza, in the s and it's likely his maternal great-great-great grandfather owned slaves in the s.

O'Rourke writes that his wife Amy had an ancestor who owned slaves and another who fought in the Confederate Army. Beto O'Rourke Fast Facts. O'Rourke's post appears to be prompted by reporting from The Guardian which published Sunday that O'Rourke and his wife didn't know of their ancestral ties to slave owners before being contacted by the news outlet.

The Medium post by O'Rourke says he will "continue to support" reparations for slavery -- an idea that, for decades, has been largely outside mainstream US political thought. The issue of reparations has gotten attention in the Democratic primary with Democratic candidates, including Sens.

Friends & Descendants

With summer heating up, Beto O'Rourke's campaign cools down.

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