52 Things to Pray for Your Kids

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So, yes, the prayer was answered Don't get me wrong, I know prayer does miraculous things. I have a story in mind right now of a two-year-old little girl with a serious head injury who has made an amazing recovery. That was certainly beyond just the parents being changed. But while the praying was happening for that little girl, the parents WERE being changed by the outpouring of prayer and support by their community, including very tangible and practical activities that the community did in order to support the family.

So, while the girl received what amounts to a miraculous healing, the parents and their faith community experienced a deeper appreciation for Christian community, a greater sense of peace of God being in control, and a deeper reliance on God's promises.

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That is what happened with that prayer. So, while there are some good practical tips here as to ways of praying, I see them as tips more on how to incorporate prayer in with parenting to make the parents more godly parents than any formula for getting more miraculous answers to prayer. Note: I received this book for free from Zondervan as part of a blog tour, eliciting reviews, with the understanding that the book would be reviewed honestly. I was in no way compensated for this review and all views are solely and completely my own.

I was not required to offer a positive review either through the publisher or author.

52 Things to Pray for Your Kids

Jan 02, Mandy J. Batterson combines his personal thoughts with Scripture along with tips to apply what you learn as you read. The main point of this book is praying for your children, but this book could also be read by grandparents and others involved in the lives of children. The author writes from a personal viewpoint so you feel like you're having a chat rather than just reading an essay.

How to Get Kids to Pray

Batterson shares many personal stories and gives a variety of examples that keep it interesting. I have not read his first book, so I'm not sure if you should read that first or not to understand the whole "circling" principle, but in this book I felt that it was a bit vague. And since 5 of the 9 chapters where about "5 Circles", the flow was fairly rough. This is something that too often we easily let slip.

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The section titled "Love Girls" found on page 50 was probably my favorite part of this book. He talks about praying for his children in light of a culture that perverts sexual orientation from God's loving plan. His application of Psalm in this section is right on and sound Biblical counsel. He soundly addresses something that needs to be said a whole lot more! I also appreciated the practical examples and tips on praying for your kids or incorporating prayer into their lives.

For example, he highly encourages you to pray with your children, not just for your children.

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While I agree that prayer is important and we each need to grow in this area of spiritual discipline, I feel that this book treats prayer more like a tool than part of a relationship. Prayer isn't about getting what we want, it's about a relationship with Christ and it's part of the process of changing our desires to be God's desires for us.

Several specific points that I disagree with are as follows: - On page 40 he says: "When you catch them doing something wrong, gently rebuke them. Lovingly remind them: that's not who you are. We have all fallen and the gospel is appealing not when we think about how good we are, but about how amazing the Savior is. I am sure many are, but I am also sure many are not - including my own three.

There is a distinct difference in how you should pray for an unsaved person and in how you should pray for a believer and that is not addressed here. This would mean pulling verses out of context. Need I really say more on this? NOT just prayer NOT only prayer. Sadly, I could go on And quite honestly, in my opinion the downside of this book so highly out weights the good points that I can't encourage you to read it at all.

View 2 comments. Jul 23, Sonnigirl rated it it was amazing. Great book, easy and quick read with lots of practical ideas on how to pray with and for your children! Dec 31, Steven R. It has been a long time since I have read a book so immediately applicable, a book that literally drove me to my knees. It is a book that instilled a greater desire and conviction of the need for prayer and ways to pray specifically. But this book is much more than just a guide book. It is amazing that a book of just over pages can have so much power and an incredibly lasting impact. This book was so powerful I did not trust myself to write a review at first; I waited until after a second re It has been a long time since I have read a book so immediately applicable, a book that literally drove me to my knees.

This book was so powerful I did not trust myself to write a review at first; I waited until after a second reading and a month had passed to have some more perspective. All I can say is that it truly is an amazing book.

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I honestly believe that every Christian parent should read this book to be better equipped to pray for their children. My first time reading this book I highlighted 20 passages. I have pulled out some of the best to highlight for you in small glimpses, some of the knowledge and wisdom that this book will impart. Mark starts off by acknowledging that becoming a praying parent is hard work.

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To be disciplined to pray for our children is work and many in family life start to let things slide. You do it by design, by desire, by discipline. Spiritual disciplines take sheer determination, but if you determine to circle your children in prayer, you will shape their destinies, just like Susanna Wesley shaped the destinies of her children. Your prayers will live on in their lives long after you die.

Your prayers for your children are the greatest legacy you can leave.

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From there he moved on to remind us that all our prayers must pass two tests: "It's imperative to distinguish between your will and God's will. Every prayer, including your prayers for your children, must pass a twofold litmus test: your prayers must be in the will of God and for the glory of God. We need to pray God's will and God's glory or else we are just not doing it right. Mark's earlier book, The Circle Maker, has been immensely popular. This book is an off-shoot but can easily be read without reading the first one. Mark States: "Drawing prayer circles is a metaphor that simply means "to pray without ceasing.

It's praying with more intensity, more tenacity. It's not just praying for; it's praying through. That's what praying circles is all about. It's resolving in your heart of hearts that you will pray until the day you die. And the more you love your kids, the harder it is. The more we love, the more we can be hurt. Finally, he reminds us this will be a life-long journey. We know better; we're parents! The challenges never end, but we need to celebrate our victories along the way. And for the record, prayer is the way we fight our battles. Prayer is the difference between you fighting for God and God fighting for you.

Secret prayer is our secret weapon. We will be praying until we go home to God or until Christ comes again. This was an incredible little book.

52 Things to Pray for Your Kids 52 Things to Pray for Your Kids
52 Things to Pray for Your Kids 52 Things to Pray for Your Kids
52 Things to Pray for Your Kids 52 Things to Pray for Your Kids
52 Things to Pray for Your Kids 52 Things to Pray for Your Kids
52 Things to Pray for Your Kids 52 Things to Pray for Your Kids
52 Things to Pray for Your Kids 52 Things to Pray for Your Kids

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